Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Few Shout-Outs

Happy Birthday to my good friend, Kevin Carter, as he celebrates his 21st! Okay, it's not really his 21st, but we'll call him 21 with 22 years of experience :)

My mom, the rock star, who drove 10 hours by herself from PA to Charleston, SC to spend the weekend with me and is now driving 9 1/2 hours by herself from SC to Ohio to meet up with my dad and spend a few days with my sister and her family - you're amazing, Mom!!!

To Wayne and Sandy All, who know how to throw a great party and cook a really good pig - loved hanging out with the Ashley Ridge family this past Saturday at our first annual pig pickin'!

To Donald Miller, a Christian author, speaker, blogger, whom I thoroughly enjoy. It's probably bad practice to send people on to other people's blogs (especially to other people's blogs that are much better and more frequently updated), but Don's is good and worth reading. This entry in particular is fantastic and fits the series I'm currently preaching.

To Jesus, who should come first, but I'm putting last in this particular case b/c He's the most important. Jesus walks with me everyday, gives me breath to breathe everyday, shows me grace everyday and so much more.

Who needs a shout-out in your life? Maybe you should stop what you're doing and call them right now.

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