Monday, April 26, 2010

After the Message

(but first, a few comments/corrections/etc. - for those who found their way to this blog via the article in the Summerville Journal Scene, Welcome! And, please allow me to correct a few details: first, our worship on Sundays is at 10am, not 10:30, but we're happy to have you early, on time or late :); second, I was quoted as saying "I like to be flexible with the Scripture." I'm sure it was not intended, but this was taken far out of context. The reporter asked if I use the lectionary in my sermon preparation and I said, "Sometimes, but I like to be flexible with the Scripture I use." Meaning, I don't always use suggested readings for the week; more often I let God show me the Scriptures and the places I need to go for given Sundays and specific sermon series. I take the Word of God very seriously and I spend hours in study and prayer doing my best to be faithful to what it says and not what I want it to say.)

This Sunday was week 3 in our Course Correction series and we were talking about where we're heading. Now that we've realized how we got where we are, turned the corner and realigned our priorities, we need to have an idea where we're going and what we're aiming for. Here are the notes:

We all have images given to us in commercials and brochures of smiling, happy people and what life can look like at its very best; often cheesy and fake, but nevertheless we’re told that’s what we want

What’s the picture in your head?

Like restoring a car – we have a picture of what we want it to look like when

we’re done

Andy Stanley asks, “What’s the story you want to tell someday?”

Some would say – why bother to think about it, we can’t control the future. No, we can’t, but you’ve probably heard the expression that if you aim at nothing, you’ll probably hit your target.

What are we asking for? What are we working toward?

1 Kings 3:4-14 – Solomon, the son born to David and Bathsheba, is now king of Israel. God tells Solomon to ask Him for whatever he wants, can you imagine??

Solomon’s answer: wisdom, knowing right from wrong and acting on it,

wanting to tell a story of integrity

Doesn’t ask for fame and riches – those things not bad, but not meant to be

our pursuit. Our pursuit should always be to honor God.

If you have a clear picture of where you’re going and what you’re aiminig for, you have a better chance of getting there - and more importantly, if you have a clear sense of Who you’re trying to please, the decisions and the moves get a whole lot clearer (no one said easier, but clearer for sure)

On any course correction, on any journey… You’re going to get tired along the way and you’re going to face difficulty, but that’s all part of a good story

Donald Miller defines a story as "a character who wants something and overcomes obstacles to get it." (from his book "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years")

Pictures of Our Lives – we take pictures of the stories we want to remember to tell, what stories are we planning to tell in the future?

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