Monday, April 12, 2010

After the Message
Course Correction, Part One
2 Samuel 11

"How did I get here?"

Somehow along the way, we get off-course – a bad decision or two, often subtle

It’s like cutting a curb in your car – you know your SUV can take it, you’ve done it before, but there’s a long-term effect

If we’re going to make a course correction,

we need to recognize how we got where we are

2 Samuel 11, David is God’s man and yet he veers way off course – what happened?

v. 1 – David wasn’t where he was supposed to be

v. 2 – It was evening, David had been in bed, he knew people bathed at that time – let’s not pretend this was an innocent, “woops, look what I saw”

v. 6-13 – David opts for a cover-up instead of dealing with the consequences and facing up to truth – the plot thickens, and David is in a lot deeper

v. 14-17 – David gets desperate and his desperation leads to murder

We all end up here, hopefully not to this extreme, but we’ve all ended up in this place of being off-course at some point in our lives, often with the best intentions

Here’s the good news – Jesus went to the cross and already took care of all

our sin!

Here’s the follow-up – He didn’t do it so we could keep on sinning!

Some of you have decided it’s easier to continue in the sin you’re caught up in

than turning around, facing the consequences and dealing with it.

Gotta build a hedge, have some accountability

This week's assignment - spend time with Jesus, find someone in your life to hold you accountable.

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