Tuesday, April 20, 2010

After the Message
Course Correction, Part 2

Have you ever renovated a house or restored a car? It always takes longer than you think, you get tired along the way, frustrated, angry, run out of money, run out of steam

Driven by the idea - In the end, it’s all worth it

But it’s got to be first-things-first – if you get over-eager and paint first, you

end up redoing it or slowing the whole process

2 Samuel 12:20-31 –

Context – Nathan confronts David, the baby born to Bathsheba dies

v. 20-21 - David turns the corner and faces reality; first he goes and worships,

v. 22-23 – he realizes the past cannot be changed (we’ve got to accept God’s forgiveness and we need to give forgiveness, can’t hold onto the past)

vv. 24-25 - then he cares for his family

vv. 26-31 - then he gets back to work

Priorities re-align, we could live forever in the guilt and despair of where we are and never make the correction or we can put first things first and get back at it

God, Family, Work – always in that order

God wants to take the brokenness of the old you and make the adjustments

Now you have a story – a story of grace, a story of transformation, a story of


The world needs those kinds of stories – too often the stories end at broken

when we serve a God who makes all things new

Now that we've turned the corner and made the correction, we're going to talk about staying on the path. This Sunday, we're painting the picture of where we're heading. Start thinking and praying about God's will for you and your heart's desire.

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