Sunday, January 31, 2010

After the Message

What an awesome morning! We were able to host the teams from the SC UMC basketball tournament in worship, which meant we were 800+ with standing room only and people crowding the halls. Even more exciting - most of the crowd was teenagers!!! It was a great opportunity to talk about Jesus and His incredible glory!

This morning we also brought in tons of food to fill food pantries in our community - ARC, you blow my mind! Thank you to everyone for your generosity and passion for sharing the Gospel in word and deed.

"We are all witnesses."

How will you be a witness to the glory of Jesus this week?

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randy watson said...

i was at your service on sunday.i am the coach for the mauldin junior boys team.we were in the front row on your right. your sermon was incredible.the boys and myself thought you were great.i have never seen all of my team so interested in a sermon.i hope to get the chance to hear you speak again sometime.i would love to get the chance for my wife to also hear you .thank you again. randy watson