Monday, January 04, 2010

"Do Whatever He Tells You" John 2:5

When Mary asked Jesus to turn the water into wine, he tells her it is not yet time. Instead of arguing with him or making a fuss, she responds, "Do whatever he tells you." It strikes me as unconditional obedience. Most did not yet know who Jesus was. Mary did. She was bold to ask for what she wanted, but she was also willing to accept the given response and trust Jesus' better judgment. No little thing.

"God, please give me the boldness to ask for what I desire and the humility and grace to accept the response and through it all have faith and trust that You know the very best way."

On another note, my grandfather died yesterday. I am heading home to PA this week for the funeral, which will be an incredible celebration of his life and his faith, and most importantly, a celebration of He whom he put his faith in. My grandfather was an accountant by trade, but his passion and heart was for the ministry that dominated his life. He was a song leader for his church, the Lykens Valley Camp Meeting, the Christian Endeavor gathering and many more. He was a Sunday School teacher for years and I am the grateful recipient of his commentaries that are underlined and marked and hold his own thoughts and discoveries in the margins. My grandfather was an orphan who put his faith in Jesus and grew up to be a father to so many.

When he died, his only remaining asset was a checking account that has just enough money to fly the grandkids home for the funeral. As I think about that, I marvel at his faithfulness in life to give and give and give of what he had. He gave of himself and he and my grandmother lived in a way that meant storing up treasures on heaven instead of earth. They invested in people. They invested in their church wholeheartedly. And so, Grandpa, well done good and faithful servant! I too hope to live in such a way that the story told at my passing will be one of faithfulness and joy and a life that belonged entirely to Jesus.

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