Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shifting Perspective

Here's your weekend challenge: Do Something Different

- If you typically eat cereal for breakfast, get up one morning and make some pancakes for yourself and your family or a good friend
- If you usually go to the gym in the morning, try going in the afternoon and see who else you run into
- If you drive to Target or Wal-Mart or the grocery store, try a different route
- If you usually go out on Friday night, try staying in and reading a book or having some friends over to play games (I highly recommend Scene It Squabble if it's a mixed crowd)
- If you usually stay in on Friday night, go out (if this requires a babysitter, do it!)
- If you don't usually come to worship, COME
- If you usually come to worship, STILL COME, but maybe come early to talk to someone new

The key is, do something different. When we mix things up, our perspective shifts and we often gain new energy. We're forced to look at things in a new way simply by experiencing something a little differently.

On Sunday at Ashley Ridge we're going to talk about perspective and this will get your brain in gear. But even if you won't be at Ashley Ridge, please try it. Change is good for the soul.

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