Monday, March 15, 2010

After the Message

Yesterday was part 4 of the "I am not but I AM is" series. For more background, check out the previous weeks, especially week one.

This week we talked about John 14:1-7 where Jesus says, "I AM the way, the truth and the life."

We often think we know where we are going, and not only that, we often think we know where others are going or should go. (Just ask me, I always have an opinion)
The truth is whether it's street directions or life directions, we have a very limited perspective... Let's be honest, even a bird's eye view is nothing compared to God's view.

And so, the reality is that I am not the best GPS for my life, but Jesus is.

In John 14, Jesus is sharing a meal with his disciples and they're getting worried about Jesus leaving them. They had been with Jesus on an incredible journey and He had opened their eyes to so many things they would have never seen on their own. Now they're wondering where they're going to go without Jesus and if they'll even be able to see the signs.
Jesus says, "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me." In other words, "Calm down, I don't expect you to know everything, you've gotta trust me." Jesus goes on to talk about his Father's house and all the rooms it has and preparing a way for the disciples to come and be with Him. At this point, they're totally confused. Here's where I love the honesty of the disciples. Thomas jumps in and asks, "Jesus, we don't know where you're talking about so how are we going to know how to get there?"
What a great question. How often are you and I the same way? We think that if we know the final destination, we can figure out how to get there. We just want to know where the finish line is so we can then figure out for ourselves what we need to do to arrive at that point. It's easier that way. It's within our control that way. Hmm...

Jesus responds to Thomas, "I am the way, the truth and the life." In other words, I am the next direction. I am the destination and I'm also the only way to get there.

Bottom line, knowing where to go and what to do has everything to do with knowing Jesus.

And so,
Perhaps we should spend less time trying to chart our course and figure out the roadmap for our life and more time getting to know Jesus.
Perhaps we should spend less time telling others what we think they should do with their life and more time pointing them toward Jesus.

How will you do those things this week?

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