Monday, August 02, 2010

After the Message

Yesterday we started our series on Profiles of the Obscure. We're taking it back old-school and learning about some of the people in the Bible we may have never heard about or talked about before. Highlight - getting everyone in the mood by singing "Father Abraham" with the motions - so wish I had that on film!

Our profile subject was Boaz whose story is found in the book of Ruth. He was the "kinsman-redeemer" who married Ruth and, through their son, continued the family line of her dead husband. Perhaps the most incredible thing about Boaz is not that he simply stood by his family and did what was right, but he went out of his way to do so. Ruth was not an Israelite - she didn't look right or talk right. She didn't know how to pray or how to worship. She was a foreigner, a member of a hated enemy of Israel. Yet Boaz redeemed her and welcomed her to the table. He praised her for her loyalty and her decision to follow the one true God.

Jesus did the same for us. He took us in - sinful, selfish, bruised and road weary - and gave us a new name. He redeemed us - bought us at a price.

What's your story of redemption? Have you shared it? Have you passed it on to someone else who needs to know they have a seat at the table and a Savior who wants to give them a new name and a new story?

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