Wednesday, August 04, 2010

"God is Still on the Throne"

Two years ago I was at a conference where Dave Ramsey made 10,000 people, including myself, stand and repeat those words. The economy was just starting to go downhill in a way people were feeling at home and Ramsey's message was one of faith and encouragement to remind us that nothing about our faith and our hope and our foundation has changed or been shaken.

I was reminded of those words this morning as I talked with several people, some looking for jobs, others fighting with teenagers and others trying to make difficult decisions.

It's so easy to feel defeated, let frustration win the day or allow stress to dominate our lifestyle, but truth is truth - God is still on the throne!

Our hope in this life and the next is sure in Jesus Christ and that's more security than anything in this world can ever give.

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