Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"I'm like 99.9% parched here. I need a cola."

Anybody? Anybody? That's from the movie "Just Like Heaven" and it's said by the same guy who played Napoleon in Napoleon Dynamite (lights just went on all over the blogosphere).

You know the feeling he's talking about? The feeling of being so dehydrated that you can't even produce any more spit to swallow (okay, maybe that was a little gross). Anyway, hydration is key, especially this time of year. I saw on the news yesterday that we need 2-3 glasses of water every time we step outside to stay well-hydrated. Unlike the quote above though, a cola won't work. You see, it matters what we put into our system. Some things though they may be fluid and taste temporarily refreshing, ultimately dehydrate.

So it is with our life and faith. Without Jesus, we have no spit (wait, maybe that didn't come out right). Jesus told the woman at the well in John 4:14 that if we drink the water he has to give us, we will never be thirsty. However, if we continue to look for refreshment and renewal and life in other places, we will always be thirsty and always be searching.

We can spend so much of our life thirsty and not knowing how to quench our thirst. Jesus says, "Let me take care of that." We need to fill ourselves everyday with Him. We need to realize we're parched and go to the only One who can meet our every need.

Are you parched? When's the last time you visited Jesus' well?

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