Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sound Bites

I just returned from the Velocity church planters conference in Atlanta and my brain is throbbing with lots of great info that I need to process. I'll share more in the coming weeks as I have a chance to do that processing, but for now, here are some sound bites:

Larry Osborne -
"Be picky about how you ask people to spend time."
"Disunity repels people. Burn-out scares people. Lack of spiritual growth bores people."
"The greatest gift we can give a child is a growing mom and dad."

Shawn Lovejoy -
"Cookie-cutter church planting is a lack of faith in God's call on our life."
"Lean into your own testimony. That's where your heart rate picks up, your voice comes alive and you have confidence in God that others can see and connect with."

Alan Hirsch -
"We've got to be the good news people, planting the gospel of Jesus Christ instead of churches as we know them."

Steven Furtick -
"Church planting is the ability to discern what God wants you to do next, courage to do it, and leadership to talk others into doing it with you."

Tony Morgan -
"It's possible to be doing the ministry of God without doing the ministry God has called you to."

Dave Gibbons -
"July 27, 2048 is the date where India and China will have a larger per capita income than the West."
"As Americans, we're not used to being servants, which is exactly what we're called to be."
"We define success on a graph as up and to the right, Jesus came down and to the left."

Darrin Patrick -
"What God is doing in you is more important than what God is doing through you."

Rick Warren -
"Make a major mistake every week."
"Church health is based on sending capacity not seating capacity."
"Satan has no new ideas. He uses the same three temptations - temptation to feel good (lust), temptation to have (greed), and temptation to be (pride)."
"Giving breaks the grip of material sin. The more we give, the more we get to be like Jesus."
"Learn a lesson from the whale about humility - it's when you get to the top and you're ready to blow that they harpoon you." (this cracks me up)

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Judy said...

Thanks, Jenn, for taking the time to pass on these comments. Good words for all, not only church planters.