Monday, February 22, 2010

After the Message (better late than never)

So, I left on Sunday afternoon for a church planting conference in Atlanta and this is the first time I've made it back to my computer. Please forgive the delay.

On Sunday, we began our series "I am not but I AM is" series. In the coming weeks we'll be looking at who Jesus is from John's Gospel, but this week we laid the groundwork from Moses' story in Exodus and Numbers. Here are some notes:

Easy to go so fast, that we get ahead of ourselves and forget that we’re not entirely capable, sufficient and wonderful on our own

As adults, most of us realize we are not, and yet, it’s still our daily pursuit.

Exodus 3:11-15

Moses asks, “Who am I that I should go?” and God does not say, “You are the biggest, baddest, coolest, most eloquent, rock star on the planet.” Nor does God say, “Could you work on becoming that?”

God does say, “I will go with you…tell them I AM sent you.”

Moses knows he’s being sent to do something he cannot do on his own. God says, “Go anyway. I will be with you. And I AM.”

Numbers 20:6-12

Moses dies short of the Promised Land b/c he was doing well when he realized he was incapable apart from God. As soon as he decided he could do it on his own, it fell apart.

Francis Chan, “are you living in such a way that you’d be fine if Jesus didn’t show up?”

I am nothing on my own. I need Jesus. The journey to being somebody starts with the journey to know Jesus.

Be reading the Gospel of John and start digging into Jesus' life and all that He says and shows He is.

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