Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Favorite Part....the Stuffing

Yesterday I talked about the not-so-obvious things I'm thankful for, so today as I'm preparing to head north for Thanksgiving I thought I would quickly mention the obvious:

1. Jacob. I know, you're shocked, but I did tell you these were the obvious. This year, Clark and I became parents of the most beautiful baby boy. Jacob has brought joy to our lives that we never imagined possible. I'm thankful everyday for his health, his smile, and his innocent love of life. He reaches for people he's never met without question and he loves without reserve.

2. Clark. I'm not perfect and neither is Clark, but somehow in the midst of our imperfection, God has made us perfect for each other. I'm thankful to have Clark beside me when I go to bed at night and there in the morning when I wake up. I'm thankful that Clark loves our baby boy and there's nothing better than coming home and seeing Jacob in Clark's lap reading Dr. Seuss.

3. Family. My parents rock! My sister is a rock star w/ world-class dad for a husband and the three cutest kids you've ever seen (except Jacob, of course, but they are related after all :). I've been blessed mightily in the in-law department, including a new sister-in-law in October who's fabulous. It makes a big difference to walk through life from distances far and wide with people who love you and are looking out for you.

4. Friends. New and old, I'm so thankful for top-notch friends. For some reason, I didn't make many lifelong friends in high school, college or seminary, but I can name at least one from each who know me and love me despite my many failings. However, God's timing is always extraordinary and now, for perhaps the first time, I have a strong handful of incredible friends who fill my life with joy, laughter and excitement for what's going on around us every day.

5. Jamin - that's right, buddy, you get your own shout-out. Jamin and I make-up the staff for ARC (along w/ our honorary staff members who don't like titles and therefore prefer to remain un-named :). Perhaps the most encouraging step forward so far with Ashley Ridge has been God's gift to us in Jamin. I'm thankful for his heart, his gifts, his friendship and his commitment. I've always been big on team ministry, so thanks to Jamin for putting up with me and allowing ARC to hit the ground running as a team.

6. ARC and the most amazing launch team every composed!!! I've said it and I'll say it again- God is about to blow our minds with what He will do in us, through us and in our midst. Your faith and your pioneer spirit and your passion to serve God by serving others encourages me every day!

Check back tomorrow as you prepare for the feasting...to whom do we give thanks and how do we say it and show it?


Greg said...

I think it is sweet that Jacob reads Dr. Seuss to Clark.

Oh, and I have seen nothing to lead me to believe that Clark isn't perfect.

Clark Williams said...

I figured I'd get in the game on the blog replies. In posting for the first time, I'm glad to pronounce that you're correct, Greg. Well said.

In truth, I love the concept of "Thanks-Giving." It gives us the chance to stop and think about the things we could never do on our own; the blessings we have no right to claim, but are so fortunate to have; the opportunities we have to start over in life; and our ability to live each day fully through God's love and grace.

Interestingly, I think the concept of giving thanks during Thanksgiving gets forgotten all too easily. We get so caught up in eating, hanging out with family and watching football that we lose sight of the meaning of the day. In fact, Thanksgiving grace is sometimes the only time we take to reflect on our blessings. It's become similar to Christmas in many ways: the intent of the holiday has taken a back seat to the commercialism and fanfare of the event.

So being intentional about giving thanks is becoming rarer (I looked up rarer; don't worry it's cool). That's why it was great to read this. Thanks for reminding me to give thanks, babe. I love you..hey, a little blogging p.d.a. never hurt.