Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Simplicity, Week One

I stopped reading a lot of blogs.  

I figured out that I had replaced a lot of my time with God and especially my time in God's Word with what other people had to say about God and church and life.  And you know what?  It was making my head too full to function.  I was inputting so much about what everyone else thinks about how to lead a church and how to be a better Christ-follower that I had no room in my life to hear what God was speaking into my heart and my life.

And so, I've turned down the noise.  I still check in for an occasional blog read at one or two of my favorites, but if I'm being honest (I'm cringing so prepare yourself for the shock of what you're about to read), in the last week I went from reading approximately 100 blog posts a week to about 5 - I had no idea I was reading that many blog posts every week!

Without realizing it, I had become obsessed with knowledge and addicted to other people's thoughts.  

Simple = fewer voices, less noise, a lot more Jesus.

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