Monday, March 07, 2011


I love awkward moments, I love awkward topics and I love controversy.  I wake up every morning and think, I hope today is as awkward and uncomfortable as possible.

...Okay, so maybe not.  

But even so, yesterday I issued an invitation to our church to a season of awkwardness.  In fact, I think I even asked people to schedule some awkward in their life in the coming weeks.

You see, there are far too many elephants in our lives consuming space that we need to make for God.  The elephants are all of those awkward issues and conversations in our lives that we've been avoiding for so long.  For some people, the elephants are big, green financial elephants.  Maybe you've slowly but surely worked yourself into debt and developed spending and lifestyle habits that you don't want to address yourself let alone bring to the light with your spouse, your family or your friends.  For others, maybe the elephants are dark, shadowy hidden elephants that have to do with behaviors or decisions you've made that have left you hiding in shame.  Maybe your elephant is a bright, red warning elephant because you know you're running headlong into a bad situation, but you don't know how to stop.

It's time to name our elephants.  It's going to be awkward and it's going to be uncomfortable.  But, I believe that as soon as we name them out loud, they lose their power.  

We have a choice to make about whether we're going to let elephants run our lives, or whether we're going to surrender our lives to God.  I believe that nothing and no one has power that can stand against the incredible and almighty power of God and it's time to get the elephants our of the way so we can embrace the life Jesus gave us when He gave His up on the cross.

Awkward is, well, awkward.  No one likes, much less loves, awkward.  But I believe that on the other side of awkward is incredible.  So, bring it on elephants - you've got nothing my God can't handle, dismantle, forgive and take away!

What's your elephant?  Who do you need to schedule some awkward time with?

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Wendy Vicary said...

Love thank you so much it has been two months since i have enjoyed a Sunday morning hearing you and I now know God scheduled me for this series lol keep up the GREAT job :)