Monday, May 03, 2010

A Fabulous Tent

God called Abraham in Genesis and Abraham spent the rest of his life moving from tent to tent as he followed God's lead. God called Paul in Acts and Paul spent the rest of his life moving from tent to tent as he followed God's lead (heck, Paul was a tentmaker). Jesus told those he met, "Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head. Follow me." (Matthew 8:19-21 and Luke 9:57-59).

These stories are inspirational and motivational, but I admit I was worried heading into the church planting world about the horror stories I'd heard from other planters about being portable. But, my friends, God has been beyond good to us and today we meet in what I think is the best "tent" anywhere. Take a look...

This is Ashley Ridge High School - the best high school in South Carolina! (This should be especially good news for the person who asked a few weeks ago how we were fitting all the people coming into our trailer for worship :)

God had greater plans than we had thought to imagine when He sent us to start Ashley Ridge Church at Ashley Ridge High School. God knew the plans He had for us to partner with the best principal, the best staff, the best teachers and the best students to make a difference in His kingdom. I get excited every time I drive out to the school b/c of the incredible energy and people who are there.

On Friday I had an opportunity to go and check out the second annual Swampfest at the football stadium - wow! Swampfest is an event put on by the Ashley Ridge students for all of the special needs students in the district from elementary schools, junior high schools and the other high schools. It was amazing to see the students reaching out to their peers and genuinely enjoying the opportunity to do so. It was inspiring to see kids giving their time to bring joy to others. Here are a few pics below, but become a fan of Ashley Ridge High School Swamp Guide on facebook and you can see lots more pictures and hear the powerful stories of what's happening at the school.

Thank you Jesus for a fabulous tent!!!!

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