Monday, May 03, 2010

After the Message

Final Week of Course Correction:

Setting up for long-term success means surrounding ourselves with wise counsel

Captain Obvious, right?

Solomon was the wisest guy in the world and even he went on and on about getting advice from other people

Proverbs 1:5, 2:2, 4:5, 4:7, 13:10, 16:16, 19:8, 23:23

Whether we know it or admit it, we’re all getting advice from somewhere

Who do we often ask? The people in our life who tell us what we want to hear, or the people who love us enough and are grounded enough to tell us the truth?

It makes a big difference

I Kings 12:1-11 – Rehoboam seeks the advice of those who had counseled his father; rejects their advice and goes with the advice of his buddies – things don’t turn out so well (Rehoboam replaced as king)

v. 6 – we learn two things, 1) Solomon sought advice/counsel; 2) Based on all that Solomon accomplished, we can put a lot of stock in the advice and wisdom of his advisors

v. 8 – Rehoboam rejected the advice of his father’s advisors because it wasn’t what he wanted to hear, and instead sought the advice of some childhood buddies who he knew would tell him what he wanted

Who is speaking wisdom and truth into your life?

Do you have yes-men?

Or, do you have people of faith, people who are walking with Jesus everyday

If you haven’t pro-actively sought wisdom, I promise you you’re getting it from the wrong places.

Let’s talk about the right places:

1. Bible – full of wise guys, “the Lord gives wisdom,” “from the Lord comes wisdom” – Bible only makes sense when you’re reading it as a conversation with God

2. Other people who have the same picture in mind or who have already gotten there; said last week our pursuit is God’s glory (what’s the story you want to tell?), who else is working on the same story? Who has lived the story you want to tell?

3. Come to Jesus

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