Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let's Talk About Sex...

See, that got your attention. Ya'll thought I had disappeared from the blogosphere so I thought I needed to come back with a splash.

Actually, I'm not all that comfortable talking about sex. I'm not even all that comfortable talking with people who are comfortable talking about sex, but this is no excuse. It's important. The Bible talks about it - a lot. And it's incredibly relevant to our walk with God. And so, while I continue to muster the courage, I want to point everyone to someone who I believe God has uniquely gifted to speak with utter honesty and forwardness about everything - Perry Noble. I'll warn you that Perry holds nothing back and he can be offensive, but like I said, I think he's sincerely living the call and the role God has given him for the Church today. And let's face it, sometimes the gospel is offensive to those of us living with sin in our lives.

This morning I listened to Perry's sermon "Five Lies of the Devil, Part 5 - It's Just Sex". It's an incredible message and an important message, especially for married and soon-to-be married couples. You can find the message under the Newspring podcast on iTunes or at the Newspring website. I encourage you to listen to this message with your spouse and then take the time to ask each other the questions Perry gives as conversation starters.

Bottom line - marriage is hard. God wants your marriage to be beautiful. It takes work and it takes including God in your marriage. We can't keep avoiding the difficult conversations. Let's talk about it.

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