Monday, October 19, 2009


Eight months ago I would have confessed that I am a very selfish person. I spent more time in any given day thinking about my agenda than that of others. Now, not to simply make myself feel better, but I should add that I think that's true of just about everyone. From the time Adam and Eve took the apple and ate it, the selfish nature of humanity took hold and leaves us today standing in the need of God's grace and salvation in Jesus Christ.

However, eight months ago I had a baby and I can now honestly say that the majority of my thoughts in any given day regard his welfare, his needs and his well-being. If I'm hungry and he's hungry, guess who eats first? If I'm hot and he's cold, guess which way the thermostat gets turned? I'm not bragging about this because this realization actually leads me to today's confession...

I spend more time caring for/praying for/thinking about/adoring Jacob than I do Clark, and lately I've been very convicted on this point. Don't misread me - I shouldn't be spending any less time caring for Jacob, simply a lot more time caring for Clark.

The love of a parent for a child is unmatched in this world (and yet it only scratches the surface of God's love for us - another post for another day), yet Scripture teaches us that husbands and wives should love and honor each other as Christ loved the church and gave His life for it. And not only that, we're taught and I think society consistently proves that we are the best parents to our children when we are loving our spouses well and constantly strengthening our marriages. In other words, I am a better mother to Jacob when I am a good wife to Clark. Why? I'm teaching him to consciously put the wants and needs of someone else ahead of my own. I'm demonstrating for him the kind of Godly wife I hope he one day looks for and marries. I'm showing him what it means to serve and be selfless. I'm living out obedience to God's commands.

I have work to do to be the best wife God wants me to be for Clark - the key word being work. But it's work that I want to do for Clark, for me, for Jacob and for the One who is love and has given me love that I might share it with others.

God, please forgive my selfish heart. Give me eyes to see the people you've graciously placed in my life, and please give me a heart to love them as you do.

Husband and Wives - are you praying for your spouse? Are you giving your spouse the best of you or what's left over after you get home from work and put the kids to bed? Wives, are you admiring the man who has captivated your heart or neglecting him and rationalizing your neglect as care for your kids?

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Musings said...

Good shout out to Clark :)

I agree with you about this. I'm sure hard to do, but important, you are right!