Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You know those times when you're riding high, feeling good, sitting back and thinking "all I do is win!"?

This is not one of those times for me.

In fact, quite the opposite.  Lately my thought has been, "I just can't win."

The people-pleaser in me learned a long time ago that I can't make everyone happy, but it's still hard when people are mad at you and despise you for reasons that don't add up.  But a wise person recently reminded me that God knows what's in your heart.

That thought is both a comfort and a challenge.  There will always be people who misunderstand our actions and intentions, but God will always know where our heart is.

I'm going to continue to make mistakes in my life - sometimes more than others.  And even when I don't mess up, there will always be people who don't see it that way.  Thank goodness for grace and thank goodness that the only One who matters knows exactly where I am and where I'm coming from.

(And then there are the times that you're in the middle of writing a blog post about not winning and  your husband makes a surprise visit to your office with these...

Life is good, my friends, life is good.

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