Monday, June 29, 2009

Yesterday our family worshiped at East Cooper Baptist Church with their pastor, Buster Brown. It made me happy just to be worshiping with someone named Buster Brown. I first heard about ECBC when some of the college students from Bethany started going there while attending College of Charleston. ECBC was a church plant in 1974/75 and their mother church was First Baptist in downtown Charleston. They moved east of the Cooper River when there wasn't a whole lot there...yet. Is any of this sounding familiar?

Today ECBC is a thriving church with simultaneous traditional and contemporary services. They use a video feed to show the sermon in the contemporary service. We noticed that the set-up created some awkwardness in the flow of the contemporary service, but it is obviously working for them.

Right now, we're in Nashville visiting Clark's family. Clark's grandfather was very eager to meet his first great-grandson. It will be a quick visit, but we're glad to be here. The added bonus is that Clark's aunt and uncle were part of 30 people who helped plant a church in Nashville 7 years ago. It was also a mother-daughter church plant so I'm looking forward to picking their brains about the experience. More to come...

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